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Maxima 5.23 change log
Backwards-incompatible changes:
* package draw: changed names of some options:
file_bgcolor --> background_color
pic_width, pic_height, eps_width, eps_height, pdf_width, pdf_height --> dimensions
rot_horizontal, rot_vertical --> view
New items in core:
* function bf_find_root: bigfloat version of find_root
* function find_root: recognize keyword arguments
New items in share:
* package cobyla: import Fortran COBYLA (constrained optimization)
* package draw: new graphic objects 'errors' and 'region'
Other revisions:
* further work on exponential integrals
* further work on abs and signum identities
* further work on special cases in integration
* translation of reference manual to German (ongoing)
* clean-up in code related to processing files
* general code clean-up
* package ezunits: additional built-in conversions
Bug fixes:
3114834 maxima-help does not find help topics
3111568 subsequent calls to gradef hide variable dependencies
3102421 noninteractive-mode and kill(all)
3101075 limit bug
3093408 Bug in simplify_sum
3085498 integration error (partial solution)
3081820 lbfgs causes error
3080397 laplace(unit_step(-t),t,s) generates an error
3079975 rectform(atan2(y,0)) -> division by zero
3073827 integrate(t*cos(a*t^2 + b*t + c), t, 0, 1) => division by 0
3072490 contrib diag.mac variable scope
3071208 rtest15--limit to inf from above
3067311 eivects doesn't load eigen automatically
3064709 domain error for tan
3062883 diff does not recognize indirect dependencies in expressions
3060669 filename_merge with more than two arguments
3060166 und documentation is incorrect
3058324 $save must bind *print-circle* to NIL
3058290 tan(%pi*integer) simplification
3055427 conjugate solver
3045559 integrate(exp(-u^2), u, minf, x) => incorrect gamma_incomple
3041267 jacobi_cs(x,1) returns a wrong expression
3041196 carg(exp(x+%i*y)) -> y not correct
3040667 logarc(acosh(z)) needlessly complicated
3039452 integrate(sqrt(t^c)/(t*(b*t^c+a)),t) hangs
3038883 In general exp(z)^a --> exp(z*a) not correct
3034415 integrate(1/abs(x),x) using abs_integrate
3024924 list_matrix_entries
3020589 xlabel and ylabel don't change plot3d axis labels
3020243 defint(exp(cos(x))*cos(sin(x)),x,0,2*%pi) wrong result 0
2997443 ic2 fails
2970792 gradef(s) together with vect package
2881021 ic2 and bc2 may return incorrect results (solution suggeste)
2796194 error doing a Fourier transform.
2727846 tan(%pi/2) is not correct (or just not nice?)
2555641 no doc for subnumsimp
2541376 antidiff bug
2171237 load(basic) warnings
2123651 min and max of imaginary and real numbers
1993208 cartesian_product incorrect on empyt argument list
1990099 wrong integer_partitions(0)
1892341 taylor message about something assumed to be 0 in integral
1890128 no user doc for cauchy_matrix
1839088 ic2 fails with division by 0
1789213 ic1 for solution containing indefinite integral
1439559 function burn is broken
1213621 reveal with matrix argument
1149719 ratvarswitch not documented
1045920 a>1 and b>1, is a+b>2?
875089 defint(f(x)=g(x),x,0,1) -> false = false
767338 Evaluation of array names
703789 save() doesn't return a pathname
(unnumbered) integrate(cos(2*x)*cos(x),x) is wrong.