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Major items:
* Expand build system to handle internationalization for Spanish
and Portuguese. UTF-8 and Latin-1 locales are supported by
Maxima if the underlying Lisp implementation supports the
locales. See README.i18n
* Revision and expansion of linear algebra functions
* Revisions of floating-point function evaluation (sqrt,
trigonometric functions)
* Replace existing definition of "conjugate" with a much more
extensive implementation
* Revision of evaluation and simplification of sum and product
* Revision and expansion of reference manual (English, Spanish,
and Portuguese)
* Bring Spanish and Portuguese translations of reference manual
into the on-line help system
Other revisions:
* Allow symbolic constants in expressions for QUADPACK functions
* Call Common Lisp functions for floating-point evaluation of
trigonometric functions
* Documentation for add-on packages (some new and some already
existing) integrated into Maxima help system
* Evaluation of Airy functions for imaginary floating point
* Expanded test suite
* Expansion and revision of probability functions
* Expunge control characters (ctl-Z, null, etc) from add-on files
* Extend "rhs" and "lhs" functions to other operators
* Implement bigfloat versions of some special functions
* Implement OpenOffice formula output
* Improved support for MacOS Lisp implementations (Clisp and
* Minor expansion of file i/o functions
* Move some obsolete add-on files to archive
* New scheme for bigfloat evaluation of trigonometric functions
* On logarithmic plots ("plot2d" function), sample the log of
the function to make plot smoother
* Partial fix: 1409904 (dilogarithm and trilogarithm computed
in single-precision)
* Plotting functions recognize lambda expressions as functions
to plot
* QUADPACK functions recognize lambda expressions and function
names as integrands
* Recognize backslash as a line continuation character, and
also display backslash at end of broken lines
* Recognize sets in {curly braces} in input
* Regenerate SLATEC numerical code from Fortran
* Regularize use of intermediate expression (%t) labels
* Renamed files in some add-on packages so that package name
coincides with file name (grobner, sarag, linearalgebra,
* Renamed functions "mod" to "polymod" and "nummod" to "mod"
* Renamed "interpolate" (one-dimensional numerical root finder)
to "find_root"
* Revise "reset" function
* Revision of code for floating-point evaluation of Airy
* Revision of floating-point evaluation of trigonometric
functions for complex arguments
* Revision of Newton's method add-on package
* Revision of probability functions (share/contrib/distrib)
* Revisions of string processing add-on package
* Revisions to add-on functions for simplification
* Revisions to code for hypergeometric functions
* rmaxima (script to call Maxima via readline wrapper program
rlwrap) uses list of built-in Maxima functions for word
* save, with_stdout, stringout, and share/contrib/numericalio
functions observe file_output_append global flag
* Support for Scieneer Common Lisp (SCL)
* Update test suite for differential equations add-on package
New items:
* New functions for operations on integers: ceiling, charfun,
floor, lmax, lmin, nummod, rationalize.
Revised: compare, max, min, featurep
* New tutorial documents in German and Portuguese
* New add-on package: augmented Lagrangian method for
constrained optimization (share/contrib/augmented_lagrangian)
* New add-on package: base 10 logarithm (share/contrib/log10)
* New add-on package: Bode plots (share/contrib/bode)
* New add-on package: compute the generating function of a
sequence (share/contrib/ggf)
* New add-on package: easy-to-use units (share/contrib/ezunits)
* New add-on package: integer factorization and primality
testing (share/contrib/ifactor)
* New add-on package: linear programming simplex algorithm
* New add-on package: solving recurrences
* New add-on package: guess a formula for a sequence of numbers
* New add-on package: linear and cubic spline interpolation
* New add-on package: operator substitution
* New add-on package: orthogonal polynomials and related functions
(share/orthopoly). Supersedes share/specfun, which was removed
* New add-on package: unevaluated Boolean and conditional
expressions (share/contrib/boolsimp)
Bug fixes:
* 1089988 (bigfloats in TeX output)
* 1224960 (side effect with copylist)
* 1294744 (operator precedence in displayed expressions)
* 1309377 (translated and untranslated "is")
* 1363421 (Gosper summation function)
* 1369451 (sec and trigexpand)
* 1369669 (csc and trigexpand)
* 1374704 (integration)
* 1394256
* 1403415 (bigfloat-to-float conversion)
* 1404754 (simplification of expressions containing bigfloats)
* 1405931 (integration)
* 625278 (simplification of "sum")
* 635045 (derivatives of acsc, asec, and acsch)
* 660936 (polarform)
* 771218 (mexpt of floats incorrect)
* 776974 (translation of errcatch)
* 846112
* 876274 (obsolete code for hashed arrays)
* 876274 (translation of hashed array indexing)
* 887152 (translation of matrix and list indexing)
* 942261 (zeta function)
* 625278 649428 740134 817521 851765 1007094 1192935 1363411
(sum and product)
* Bug fix: determinant function
* Bug fixes in MathML output add-on package
* Bug fixes in Maxima-to-Lisp translation code
* Bug fix: observe "nolabels" global flag
* Bug fix: plot2d(x,[x,0,1]) no longer causes a stack overflow
* Fix bugs in atan and atanh
* Fix some bugs in Maxima-to-Lisp translation code