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Maxima 5.17 change log
Compiled 2008-12-07
Major items:
* Expand code for special functions. See: ChangeLog-5.17-special-functions
Backwards-incompatible changes:
* quad_qagi accepts upper and lower limits instead of flags for limits
* Cut out solve_inconsistent_error
New items in share:
* new, alternate implementation of vector operations
* colorterm: simple output color-coding
New items in core:
* function gruntz: Gruntz algorithm for limits
Other revisions:
* package distrib: noncentral t distribution, bug fixes
* package ezunits: revision, documentation
* package draw: pdf output
* package dynamics: new options, new function ploteq
* package graphs: bug fixes, documentation, new functions
* package simplex: revision
* package solve_rec: new tests
* package amatrix: revision
* package augmented_lagrangian: revise documentation
* package mathml: format floats and bigfloats more carefully
* package stats: TeX and MathML output for inference_result object
* package diffequations: expand test suite
* imaxima: fix installation problems
* Maxima + ECL: fix build problems
Bug fixes: (see also ChangeLog-5.17-special-functions)
2298141: atan2 & asksign
2210087: integrate((x+1)^2.0,x) loops endlessly
2208303: Problem with jacobi_dn and elliptic_kc
2176843: f90 does not use correct continuation character
2171229: factor runs out of primes
2158174: Bug in Limit of a function
2149714: fpprintprec does not work correctly
2144225: rationalize bug / fix
2142758: integrate(sqrt(2-2*x^2)*(sqrt(2)*x^2+sqrt(2))/(4-4*x^2),x,0,1)
2092317: Windows Installer Requires Admin Rights
2084910: limit bugs
2083561: Limit of the Wallis product
2037993: linsolve returns error instead of empty solution set
2037659: gnuplot terminal type 'default'
1978090: strange limit result
1729430: numberp of taylor poly
1644575: acot(0.0) vs acot(0)
1504146: taylor asks pn? when expr is zero
1467368: logcontract returns unsimplified expr
1269020: rectform(log(z)) with z declared complex
1251540: Incorrect "inconsistent" error report (linsolve)
1054472: defint(log(1+exp(A+B*cos(phi))),phi,0,%pi) wrong
929704: defint log(abs(...))/sqrt(...) gives wrong result
752332: taylor: sign called on imaginary arg
734851: pade interfered with by taylor
707253: limit(x^y,x,0) (y=0) => 0
635606: limit(abs(log(x)))
620246: carg(complex)
617699: carg([1]) is bogus
unnumbered: bug fixes for xreduce, cardinality, and equiv_classes
unnumbered: plot([x,x+y,y],[x,-4,4],[y,-4,4]); did not work
unnumbered: 1-d display of for-loop with unless condition being a symbol
unnumbered: Fix for hgfred([-n, -2*n], x) when n is declared integer
unnumbered: fix assume(b > 3/2); kill(all); assume(b < 1);
unnumbered: Declare some variables local in zb_prove
unnumbered: literal sets in expected results in test scripts are different
unnumbered: Fix for ifactors(1)
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