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Maxima 5.25 change log
New items in core:
* function kron_delta: new n-ary Kronecker delta function
New items in share:
* package bernstein: new package for Bernstein polynomials
* package lapack: new function dgeqrf (QR decomposition)
* package descriptive: new graphics stemplot and starplot
Other changes:
* power function "^": apply simplifications more carefully
* log function: apply simplifications more carefully
* Airy functions: distribute over composite objects
* Bessel functions: hypergeometric representation
* Fresnel functions: hypergeometric representation
* Hankel and Struve functions: distribute over lists
* atan2 function: distributes over composite objects
* error functions: more complete handling of infinities
* package colnew: revised user-visible interface;
continuation example
* package draw: new terminals dumb and dumb_file;
new global variable draw_renderer
* package descriptive: revised continuous_freq;
more specific options in statistical graphics;
revised documentation
* reference manual: minor revisions in English and translations;
continued work on German translation
Bug fixes:
3381037 integrate(log(2*sin(t/2)),t,0,%pi) contains false
3381012 integrate(log(t)*log(t+1),t,0,1) gives Lisp error
3377320 ezuints -- wrong unit for Loschmidt constant
3369856 special case assumed to be general in integration
3315476 definite integration
3313531 integral from minf to inf of an absolute value combo fails
3311145 integrate(x^m * exp(-x^2),x,minf,inf) --> 0
3292707 definite integration introduces xy variable
3292033 error in integrating exp(-x)*sinh(sqrt(x))
3291590 Problems with fast arrays
3291160 Incorrect integral of log(1+a/(x*t)^2)
3288989 Lisp functions and linear display
3284381 basic & vect incompatible
3247367 expand returns unsimplified
3202926 simplify_sum gives wrong answer for sum related to poisson
2905929 gcdex
1954693 2D display of long denominator of nested fractional
1664729 integrate(sin(x)-cos(x),x,0,inf) wrong
1439566 zerobern & bernpoly
1306450 # (comment to end of line) strangeness
903145 make_array arrays not well integrated
635708 Bad display of unsimplified expr
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