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Maxima 5.27 change log
Backwards-incompatible changes:
* remove obsolete Cray Fortran translator
* rename topoly and to_poly_solver to to_poly and to_poly_solve, respectively
New items in core:
* new functions zn_order, zn_primroot_p, zn_primroot, zn_log, chinese
New items in share:
* package rkf45: Runge-Kutta-Fehlberg 4th-5th order numerical o.d.e. solver
Other changes:
* functions bessel_i, bessel_j: results for imaginary arguments
* function build_info: return a structure instead of just printing its data
* function plot3d: allow 3-d parametric plots
* functions fortmx, f90mx: generate assignments to 1-d array when argument is a list
* package ezunits: update values for physical constants
* revise and update documentation
* reorganization of directory maxima/share
* clean up source code by cutting out unused functions
Bug fixes:
3509430: limit of tanh(x) at 0 makes no sense
3497046: Integration of products of sin(nz)/(nz) sometimes fails
3495182: hgfred([-n/2, (n-1)/2],[1],x) --> error
3484414: display places (false) before output if display2d is false
3480954: integrate(sin(x)^2/x,x,minf,inf) gives not zero
3473549: gcl bug using 1-12-2012 defint.lisp
3470668: Integration is not correct: invalid 'false' term in results
3469184: integrate(exp(-x^n),x,0,1) bug for n >2
3449369: nfloat
3397562: sin(x^2)/(x^2) improper integral incorrect?
mailing list 2012-02-27: print ( false ) bug 5.26.0
mailing list circa 2012-02-19: BIGFLOAT::%TO should pass CL complex numbers
mailing list circa 2012-01-27: nonstandard extension in category scripts
mailing list circa 2012-01-09: invert_by_lu does not work as expected
overflow in regularized incomplete gamma function
incorrect value for gamma_incomplete(0,200*%i)
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