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@@ -32,21 +32,23 @@ fateman@peoplesparc.Berkeley.EDU (Richard Fateman)
In November, 2001, the Maxima project moved to the Sourceforge
project hosting site.
-As of September 2006, the Maxima developers are:
+As of April 2007, the Maxima developers are:
James Amundson
Jorge Barros de Abreu
Jay Belanger
David Billinghurst
+Marco Ciampa
Douglas Crosher
Robert Dodier
+Andreas Eder
Andrey Grozin
Yasuaki Honda
-Wolfgang Jenkner
Stavros Macrakis
Camm Maguire
Volker van Nek
Mario Rodriguez Riotorto
+Juan Pablo Romero Bernal
Dan Stanger
Viktor Toth
Raymond Toy
@@ -56,23 +58,32 @@ Barton Willis
Cliff Yapp
Vadim V. Zhytnikov
-Former developers as of September 2006:
+Former developers as of April 2007:
Mike Clarkson
Steve Horne
Judah Milgram
Paulo Ney de Souza
Sergey Semerikov
+Wolfgang Jenkner
Maxima also includes contributions from:
-Juan Pablo Hierro �lvarez
+Michel van den Bergh
+Karl Berry
+Salvador Bosch P�rez
Fedor Bezrukov
Fabrizio Caruso
+Ari Constancio
Gosei Furuya
+Juan Pablo Hierro �lvarez
+Vadim Konovalov
Tim Moore
-Salvador Bosch P�rez
+Guenther Nowak
+Kostas Oikonomou
+Edmond Orignac
Valerij Pipin
+Jose Ramirez Labrador
Ole Rohne
Thomas A. Russ
Marek Rychlik

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