Convenience scripts to run opengenera on Mac OS X or a modern linux.
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Runs "opengenera2" inside virtualbox using vagrant, veewee, and chef.

This does not include genera. It requires that you supply a bzip2 tar archive named opengenera.tar.bz2 with the (abridged) files listed in notes/opengenera2.tar.list.

To launch a virtualbox VM running genera, run

make && vagrant up

This will create an ubuntu-8.04.4-server-amd64 drive image that is staged for use with vagrant. Practically this means sizing a new disk image, installing the OS with specific settings, installing some base ruby packages, creating a vagrant user, etc ( Vagrant will then launch this image in virtual box and set up port forwarding (2222 -> vm 22, 5902 -> vm 5901). On launch, chef-solo is used to evaluate the opengenera cookbook, which jumps through some hoops to set up opengenera (see notes/*), and run it inside a VNC session.

After the server is running, you can use opengenera by opening: