Boilerplate for iOS app development with React Native, ES6 and Reflux
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react-native, es6 & reflux boilerplate

As the very long repo title indicates, this is a boilerplate repository that includes the following:

  • ES6-to-ES5 transpilation using Babel
  • Uni-directional data-flow architecture using Reflux

Getting started

  1. Clone this project

  2. Install dependencies:

    $ npm install
  3. Start the webpack watcher (it builds the index.ios.js file expected by React Native)

  4. Open ReactNativeEs6Reflux.xcodeproj in XCode and run the project - it should look like this:

    iOS Simulator running this boilerplate

Javascript file structure

  - src/
    stores/ -  Reflux stores
      color_store.js - Example store implementation
    components/ - React components
      app.jsx - Top-level app component

    action.js - Reflux action definitions
    styles.js - StyleSheet definition(s)
    main.js   - Application bootstrap with react-native, transpiler entry-point

Included in the example:

  • A simple top-level App component with example styles (in src/styles.js)
  • An example interaction using TouchableOpacity, and an example Reflux action (defined in src/actions.js)
  • An example AppMessageStore Reflux store, which handles setting the random message when the React logo is tapped.


This boilerplate was created by Filipe Dobreira. It includes auto-generated code (through react-native init), and code by Roman Liutikov (namely the webpack configuration).