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Find leaked credentials on Github
Python Shell
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Pullit is a real-time credential finder.


  • git pull
  • sudo chmod +x
  • . ./
  • cp config.example.yml config.yml
  • Edit your metadata or add more, then run:
  • python ./


  • Find Github credentials
  • Save credentials to database
  • Post credentials to slack


  • Github
  • Bitbucket (todo)
  • Gitlab (todo)


  • Rate limiting:
    • Check current token's rate limit
    • If it has expired, move on to the next token
    • If all tokens are rate-limited, print a message "We recommend you create and add another token"
  • Email notifications
  • Credentials:
    • Use selector to show just the credentials rather than (twitter_api_key=12345), because we can use 'name' column in database
    • merge the credentials together, api_key=(...) api_secret(...)
  • Database:
    • Better database management, don't run queries individually, run in bulk...
    • Check if repo has already been checked
    • Add commit id to database
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