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@fimkrypto fimkrypto released this Jul 29, 2014 · 4517 commits to master since this release

This is a beta release of the new FIMK Community Client.
This software is here for you to review and try out on your OS (supported are Windows, Linux and MacOSX).

This is not an official FIMK Client release, please refer to version 0.2.2 if you are looking for the official FIMK Client.

What's in this release?

The same source code for the new FIMK Community Client will eventually run as/on.

  • Native Android App
  • Native IOS (IPhone) App
  • Native Windows Mobile App
  • Windows Desktop App
  • Mac Desktop App
  • Linux Desktop App
  • And .. As a public website accessible from any modern browser on your desktop, tablet or mobile

This release show cases the packaging of the FIMK Community Client as:

  • Windows Desktop App
  • Mac Desktop App
  • Linux Desktop App

What's inside?

The desktop version comes with both the FIMK Community Client Angular UI code, the node-webkit HTML/JS -> Native OS bridge based on V8 and Webkit and the FIMK server all packaged together.

From the start/home screen of the app you can click the "Start Server" button to launch the FIM java server process from within the UI. So soon when you're running FIM on your desktop computer you no longer need to kickstart the java process from the command line.


Download the version for your platform, unzip. Then double click the executable for your platform (fimkrypto.exe for instance on Windows)

To get to the home screen click the FIMK Beta logo in the top left.


I dont have a Mac so I don't know if it works... If you do have a Mac and you can tell me if it works I'll buy you a beer at the next FIMK party in Finland ;-)

The problem however is that for the Windows and Linux version I added the following folders and files to the final package (they are not in the Mac version, they are in the linux and windows zips !!):

conf/ conf/ html/ lib/ logs/ fim.jar MIT-license.txt README.txt run.bat

Key is that especially the fim.jar file is in the same directory as your executable (because i use the exectable location to build the java class path, in order to execute the FIM server). As soon as I can get my hands on a Mac i can fix that but until then all help is very much appreciated.

This version does not allow you to enter your passphrase and is thus not signed. I'll be updating the linked downloads often.

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