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FIMS v1.3.1

This repository contains the version 1.3.1 release of the EBU/AMWA Framework for Interoparable Media Services (FIMS). The specification has been approved by both sponsoring organisations.

FIMS Overview

FIMS is a vendor-neutral common framework for implementing Interoperable Media Services using a Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) based system for use in broadcast, production, post production, media distribution, and media archive applications. The framework supports interoperability, interchangeability and reusability of media specific services.

This framework covers the following system and management requirements:

  • service management,
  • awareness,
  • behaviour and communication,
  • content and time awareness.

This version of the specification addresses media services for capture, transform, transfer, repository and quality control, with support for partial content and servive capability description.

Significant updates

Three significant additions were made between v1.2 and v1.3 of the specification:

  1. Extension of the FIMS repository interface.
  2. Support for growing content in particular in the context of streaming over IP.
  3. A new service interface for Automatic Metadata Extraction (AME).

What's in the package

The main starting point for FIMS is the [Word Document Technical Specification] FIMS 1.2 Technical Specification - General Description.doc. Technical specification is contained in the WSDL-REST-XSD folder. Note that the REST documentation is embedded within the equivalent WSDL file.


Some simple examples are provided in the example folder.


FIMS is released under an the Apache 2.0 license, as detailed in files LICENSE.txt and NOTICE.txt.

The user’s attention is called to the possibility that implementation and compliance with this specification may require use of subject matter covered by patent rights. By publication of this specification, no position is taken with respect to the existence or validity of any claim or of any patent rights in connection therewith. The AMWA, including the AMWA Board of Directors, shall not be responsible for identifying patents for which a license may be required by an AMWA specification or for conducting inquiries into the legal validity or scope of those patents that are brought to its attention.

Copyright 2017 The European Broadcasting Union

Copyright 2017 Advanced Media Workflow Association


Official open source repository for the FIMS specifications.



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