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" ----------
" Vim Config
" ----------
" How this works:
" This file is minimal. Most of the vim settings and initialization is in
" several files in .vim/init. This makes it easier to find things and to
" merge between branches and repos.
" Please do not add configuration to this file, unless it *really* needs to
" come first or last, like Pathogen and sourcing the machine-local config.
" Instead, add it to one of the files in .vim/init, or create a new one.
" Pathogen (This must happen first.)
" --------
" filetype off " Avoid a Vim/Pathogen bug
runtime bundle/vim-pathogen/autoload/pathogen.vim
execute pathogen#infect()
" call pathogen#helptags()
" call pathogen#runtime_append_all_bundles()
set nocompatible " Don't maintain compatibility with vi
syntax on " Highlight known syntaxes
filetype plugin indent on
" Source initialization files
" ---------------------------
runtime! init/**.vim
" Machine-local vim settings - keep this at the end
" --------------------------
silent! source ~/.vimrc.local