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# load our own completion functions
fpath=(~/.zsh/completion $fpath)
# use vim as an editor
export EDITOR=vim
# zestsecrets
if [ -e "$HOME/.zestsecrets" ]; then
source "$HOME/.zestsecrets"
# Manage paths
source "$HOME/.zsh/1.path.zsh"
f () { if [[ -e ~/src/finack/$1 ]] then cd ~/src/finack/$1; else cd ~/src/finack; fi }
compctl -/ -W ~/src/finack f
z () { if [[ -e ~/src/zest/$1 ]] then cd ~/src/zest/$1; else cd ~/src/zest; fi }
compctl -/ -W ~/src/zest z
for alias in $HOME/.zsh/aliases/*; do source $alias; done
for plugin in $HOME/.zsh/plugins/*; do source $plugin; done
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