React Hooks to bind to 🏁 Final Form's high performance subscription-based form state management engine
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🏁 React Final Form Hooks

React Final Form Hooks

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βœ… Zero dependencies

βœ… Only peer dependencies: React and 🏁 Final Form

βœ… Opt-in subscriptions - only update on the state you need!

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πŸ‘¨β€πŸ”¬ EXPERIMENTAL πŸ‘©β€πŸ”¬

Need I say this? The React Hooks API is still very experimental and not recommended for production code.


npm install --save react-final-form-hooks final-form


yarn add react-final-form-hooks final-form

Getting Started

🏁 React Final Form Hooks is the leanest possible way to connect 🏁 Final Form to React, to acheive subscriptions-based form state management using the Observer pattern.

⚠️ This library will re-render your entire form on every state change, as you type. ⚠️

If performance is your goal, you are recommended to use 🏁 React Final Form. Also, that library does many other things for you, like managing checkbox and radio buttons properly. RFFHooks leaves all of that work to you. By default, 🏁 React Final Form Hooks subscribes to all changes, but if you want to fine tune your form, you may specify only the form state that you care about for rendering your gorgeous UI.

Here's what it looks like in your code:

import { useForm, useField } from 'react-final-form-hooks'

const MyForm = () => {
  const { form, handleSubmit, values, pristine, submitting } = useForm({
    onSubmit, // the function to call with your form values upon valid submit
    validate // a record-level validation function to check all form values
  const firstName = useField('firstName', form)
  const lastName = useField('lastName', form)
  return (
    <form onSubmit={handleSubmit}>
        <label>First Name</label>
        <input {...firstName.input} placeholder="First Name" />
        {firstName.meta.touched &&
          firstName.meta.error && <span>{firstName.meta.error}</span>}
        <label>Last Name</label>
        <input {...lastName.input} placeholder="Last Name" />
        {lastName.meta.touched &&
          lastName.meta.error && <span>{lastName.meta.error}</span>}
      <button type="submit" disabled={pristine || submitting}>

Table of Contents


Simple Example

Shows how to create fields and attach them to <input/> elements.


The following can be imported from react-final-form-hooks.


Returns an object similar to FieldRenderProps.


Returns an object similar to FormRenderProps.


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