A Java MVC based website for a driving instructor. Uses Bootstrap, Java MVC, MySQL.
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This is the first Java/MVC program I developed. Previously I developed websites in a very rudimentary way using PHP scriplets. In this project I used Java for the first time. I served the webpages using a single Controller that served a webpage depending on the specified URL parameter. I used Services to handle any logically work; for example retrieving prices and testimonials. The srvices would return data to the controller before being sent to the webpage in the HttpServletRequest scope where I used the Java Standard Tag Library to present the dynamic content on the webpage.

Technologies used

1. Java - Model, View, Controller pattern. 2. HTML5, CSS3 for presenting the views in the web browser. 3. Bootstrap front-end framework to ensure a consistant, responsive design across all modern browsers on both desktop and mobile devices. 4. JQuery for allowing various AJAX functionality, including price quickly changing prices without requiring page loads. 5. MySQL for storing prices and testimonials. 6. URLreWriter to rewrite URL's in an SEO friendly manner. 7. JavaMail to allow users to send emails using the contact form.

Project preview

Desktop version

Mobile version

Live demo


http://crmepham.no-ip.biz:8080/Driving-Instructor-Gary/ http://crmepham.no-ip.biz:8080/Driving-Instructor-Gary/