Starting-point for a composer-based Wordpress setup.
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This project provides a basis for managing a Wordpress-installation and all it's dependencies with Composer.

The goal is to strictly separate different components, which are originally tied together by Wordpress: the core, plugins, themes, uploads, custom code and the config. This is done in order to provide more predictable updates and simpler deployments. Using this setup, it's possible to run Wordpress-projects on distributed systems and cloud-services like Amazon Web Services.


  • Composer-based management of the Wordpress Core via
  • Themes and Plugins are available by default from
  • there is a strict separation between dependencies and content
  • the core and all plug-ins are treated as dependency and remain untouched during the life-cycle.
  • The wp-content folder is moved up one level, in order to maintain separation between add-ons and the core.
  • The uploads-folder is moved to a separate top-level folder, below the doc-root. This maintains a clear folder-stucture which does not interfere with Composer.
  • there is an additional top-level 'themes' folder, registered as an alternative theme-location, which may contain your custom themes.
  • a top-level "lib"-folder is autoloaded by Composer, allowing you to structure your custom code using namespaces, following PHP's best-practices.
  • a Docker setup is included for bootstrapping local development


  • make sure you have Composer installed.
  • Run composer create-project finaldream/wordpress-composed PROJECT_NAME to initialize a new project.
  • review the wp-config.php, make optional changes

Running the local development environment with docker:

  • make sure you have the latest Docker and Docker-Compose installed
  • in your project-folder, run docker-compose up
  • open your browser, navigate to localhost
  • Install Wordpress

Table of contents


Oliver Erdmann, Github:


Wordpress-Composed is licensed unter the ISC License, See LICENSE file for details: