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Context-sensitive word embeddings with subwords. In Rust.
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finalfrontier is a Rust library and set of utilities for learning and using word embeddings. finalfrontier currently has the following features:

  • Models:
    • skip-gram (Mikolov et al., 2013)
    • structured skip-gram (Ling et al., 2015)
    • directional skip-gram (Song et al., 2018)
    • dependency (Levy and Goldberg, 2014)
  • Noise contrastive estimation (Gutmann and Hyvärinen, 2012)
  • Subword representations (Bojanowski et al., 2016)
  • Hogwild SGD (Recht et al., 2011)

This is an early release of finalfrontier, we are planning to add more features in the future. The trained embeddings are stored in finalfusion format, which can be read and used with the finalfusion crate and the finalfusion Python module.

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