Utility class to allow users to easily make use of JSONP callback data in Dart
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(Created at the London Dart hackathon)

Inspired by Seth's blog post which explained how to use JSONP and postmessage with Dart: http://blog.sethladd.com/2012/03/jsonp-with-dart.

Allow easy JSONP data access without the fuss by injecting and removing a javascript callback function and a dart postmessage handler function

For example:

var callbackFuncName = "twitterFunction";
JsonpCallback twitterCallback = new JsonpCallback(callbackFuncName);
twitterCallback.onDataReceived = (Map data) {
  // do something with the returned data

var twitterUrl = "http://search.twitter.com/search.json?q=dartlang&callback=$callbackFuncName";

Internally, it adds the javascript, performs the request and when the callback is received by javascript and forwarded back to dart, it removes the scripts (as best it can), to clean up after itself.