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A simple MVC framework for Dart inspired by Backbone.js.
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SimpleMVP is a framework for writing single-page applications in Dart. Similar to Backbone it has the following key components:

  • Models
  • ModelLists (Collections in Backbone)
  • Presenters (Views in Backbone)

Though the project is just a spike, mostly meant to compare a small library written in JS with a similar one written in Dart, it's still pretty useful.

Example App

There is a task list application using SimpleMVP in the example folder.

To try it out:

  • Run: dart dummy_server.dart
  • Open Dartium: localhost:8080/task_list.html

The application illustrates most of the features of SimpleMVP, and it's about 90 lines long (including all templates). Check out task_list.dart to see how it's implemented.

Learning Dart

Even if you don't end up using SimpleMVP, you can still use it as an example of an MV* framework written in Dart.


Though I'm by no means an expert in Dart, I'm really interested in it. If you have any questions or projects related to Dart, feel free to contact me.

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