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Dart port of Phoenix Arcade

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Phoenix Arcade Emulator in Dart

See it running here

Dart port by me based on GWT-Phoenix

About the code

  • This code is the result of a one-weekend hackathon. It is not intended to be used in production (whatever that means in this context)
  • I am not responsible for your safety while playing or while looking at its source code
  • It is NOT meant to be used in a microwave oven!

About the license:

As stated above, this is the result of a few hours hacking in a hackathon. I grabbed the GWT-Phoenix code with permission of the author and ported it to the Dart language. With these considerations, the summary of licensing is:

  • All of my changes (the porting itself) is Apache-licensed
  • For the licensing of the GWT-version, including the logical components of the code, please contact the author
  • The first version of this code (a Java applet) dates back to 1995. Almost no information could be found about the IP of its parts - specially the game ROM. Please, if you own or believe this code hurts any intellectual property, contact me as soon as possible.
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