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A collaborative drawing web-app with streaming service
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A site allowing you to Draw with friends in real time!

Example of what you could draw together, a picture drawn by co-creator Davidskanal and his friend: Masterpiece


Make and join lobbies

Make and join buttons

You can easily make lobbbies with options by clicking the "Create Lobby" button and selecting the option in the options window.

Options menu

Utensils and colors

Utensils bar

There are many different drawing tools such as:

  • The pencil tool, a simple stroke of a constant width

Pencil Stroke

  • The rubber tool, a tool to rub out anything on the canvas

Rubber Stroke

  • The brush tool, a utensil whose width is proprtional to the stroke speed, emulating a paintbrush

Brush stroke

There are also two different color tools:

  • The color palette, a window that allows you to pick the hue, saturation, lightness and opacity of your next color, as well as diplaying the past used colors

Color palette

  • The EyeDropper, a tool to pick a color from the canvas


Last but not least, there is the sizeslider:

Size slider


You must have the follwing installed to use this project:

  • Node
  • Node Package manager


To install, first clone the git repository as so:

git clone

Then install all the dependancies as so:

npm install


To start the server run the following:

npm start <PORT>

(Keep in mind, to run some ports you will need root access)


Logo by Gabriel Garcia


Creative Commons This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License

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