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Get a consolidated view of your data from multiple systems.ipynb
Maintain a product in multiple currencies and share classes.ipynb
Manage your investment strategies.ipynb
Perform a reconciliation.ipynb
Safely and efficiently test changes to your system.ipynb
Set up a sandbox trading environment.ipynb

This repository contains a set of code examples showing you how to interact with the LUSID API via the Python SDK. These code examples are split into use cases and modules.

Use Cases

Each of the uses cases walks you through how some typical business problems in the financial industry can be solved using LUSID.

Business Agility

Making Simple Changes Quickly & Easily

Explores how you can make use of 'Scopes' inside LUSID to easily create a test environment from your production environment without having to worry about synchronisation issues or adversely affecting business as usual delivery.


Shows you how the migration of a new investment management system can be managed more effectively than traditional methods and doesn't necessarily have to take you years to accomplish.


Paper portfolios

Demonstrates how you can build a paper trading environment for your analysts allowing them to explore how their ratings affect the performance of a fund.


Fund Accountant

Explores how you can better manage & automate the reconciliation process with your third party administrator / fund accountant.

Investment Strategies

Demonstrates how you can dice and slice your portfolio holdings in different ways such as analysing your trading activity by investment strategy.


Each of the modules detail in depth how you can interact with each part of the LUSDI API.


This module shows you how to create and interact with portfolios inside LUSID.


This module demonstrates how you can work with instruments inside LUSID.

Note: There are also a couple of helper files which the use cases import some common functions from such as pretty printing logic.

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