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Slinky 💎 ✉️

💾 Download 💎 One-click Install via Sketchpacks 🐞 Report an issue ⭐️ Share love

Export your Sketch designs as HTML email templates

Slinky demo

Slinky is a Sketch plugin that allows you to export Sketch artboards as ready–to–send HTML e-mail templates.


  1. Download, unzip and double-click the Slinky.sketchplugin file and let Sketch automatically install the plugin for you
  2. Open up your Sketch file and select the Artboard with your template design
  3. Go to Plugins -> Slinky -> Export Selected Artboard from the Sketch top menu bar
  4. Choose the folder where to export the template
  5. Voilà!

We have prepared some good to go Sketch templates located in templates directory just for you 🎁

Important Guidelines

Slinky is not perfect yet, so to get the best result, there are some things to remember creating you design file:

⚠️ Images and icons

Slinky will automatically export image and icon assets, but you need to individually mark them as Exportable

⚠️ Links

Go to Plugins -> Slinky -> Show/Hide Link URL to show the Slinky link input in the inspector sidebar. Select the target layer and fill the Link URL field with the target link or e-mail. For now this does not work for selected text (help needed).

⚠️ Fonts

Slinky does not check the template for custom fonts (yet) and will export the template as it is. For the safest result across different email clients, we suggest you to use cross-platform fonts only:

  • Sans Serif Safe Fonts

    • Arial
    • Arial Black
    • Century Gothic
    • Geneva
    • Lucida
    • Lucida Sans
    • Lucida Grande
    • Tahoma
    • Trebuchet MS
    • Verdana
  • Serif Safe Fonts

    • Courier
    • Courier New
    • Georgia
    • MS Serif
    • Palatino
    • Palatino Linotype
    • Times
    • Times New Roman

Feedback and support

Slinky is an early experiment by team and does only the basic stuff for now. We encourage you to help make Slinky more awesome by reporting issues and feature requests right here at github or via email at