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Possible Errors

(0x00+) General

  • (0x0) Compilation was successful.
  • (0x1) Error: Unknown error.
  • (0x2) Compilation was cancelled.
  • (0x3) Error: Bad parameters

(0x10+) Syntax

  • (0x1) Error: The script contains syntax errors.
  • (0x2) Error: Invalid "FileInstall" syntax found. Note that the first parameter must not be specified using a continuation section.

(0x20+) Not supported & AutoHotkey version dependent

  • (0x1) Error: #DerefChar is not supported.
  • (0x2) Error: #Delimiter is not supported.
  • (0x3) Error: /NoDecompile is not supported.
  • (0x4) Error: Password protection is not supported.
  • (0x5) Error: The AutoHotkey build used for auto-inclusion of library functions is not recognized.
  • (0x6) Error: Legacy AutoHotkey versions (prior to v1.1) are not allowed as the build used for auto-inclusion of library functions.

(0x30+) File Open & Not found

  • (0x1) Error: Error opening the destination file.
  • (0x2) Script or #include cannot be opened.
  • (0x3) Error: Source file not specified.
  • (0x4) Error: The selected AutoHotkeySC binary does not exist.

(0x40+) File write

  • (0x1) Error: Unable to copy AutoHotkeySC binary file to destination.
  • (0x2) Error changing icon: Unable to read icon or icon was of the wrong format.
  • (0x3) Error adding script file
  • (0x4) Error adding FileInstall file
  • (0x5) Error: Could not copy final compiled binary file to destination.

(0x50+) Miscellaneous

  • (0x1) You cannot drop more than one file into this window!
  • (0x2) Error: cannot find AutoHotkey help file!
  • (0x3) Error: Invalid codepage parameter was given.