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Compilation fails if AutoHotkey.exe is entirely absent #10

Lexikos opened this Issue Jun 19, 2012 · 1 comment

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Lexikos commented Jun 19, 2012

If AutoHotkey.exe is entirely absent, compilation is aborted and the following error message is shown:

Error: The AutoHotkey build used for auto-inclusion of library functions is not recognized.

Specifically: (Ahk2Exe directory)..\AutoHotkey.exe

Either of the following would be preferable:

  • Warn the user that auto-inclusions won't work because AutoHotkey.exe is absent, but continue anyway.
  • Just compile. (Preferred for command-line mode.)
fincs commented Jun 20, 2012

Fixed. By the way, I removed the Release branch because it was exactly the same as master and having to constantly merge when I make commits was cumbersome.

@fincs fincs closed this Jun 20, 2012
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