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GenDocs v3.0-alpha003


GenDocs is a utility for easily creating documentation for AutoHotkey libraries.


  • Functions
  • Pages
  • Classes
    • Constructors
    • Methods
    • Properties
    • Inner classes


See Demo/TestLib.ahk to get a grasp of the syntax (TODO: document more thoroughly).

GenDocs-flavored Markdown

GenDocs uses a stripped down version of Markdown, which supports:

  • Paragraphs: blocks of text delimited by blank lines. Equivalent to HTML <p>...</p>.
  • In-paragraph line breaks: end a line with two spaces. Equivalent to HTML <br/>.
  • Headings: start a line with up to three hash (#) characters, followed by space. Equivalent to HTML <hN>...</hN>.
  • Emphasis marks: *...*. Equivalent to HTML <em>...</em>.
  • Strong emphasis marks: **...**. Equivalent to HTML <strong>...</strong>.
  • Inline code marks: `...`. Equivalent to HTML <code>...</code>.
  • Code sections: unlike standard Markdown, they use the blockquote syntax: blocks of text whose lines start with > followed by a space.
  • Unordered lists: lines that start with *. Equivalent to HTML <ul>...<li>...</li>...</ul>.
  • Ordered lists: lines that start with a number, dot and space (e.g. 1. ); or letter, dot and space (e.g. a. ). Equivalent to HTML <ol>...</ol> and <ol style="list-style-type: lower-alpha">...</ol> respectively.
  • Escape sequences: the sequences \*, \`, \[, \], \! and \\ are recognized, and yield literal characters.
  • Links: [Link text](Link URL). Equivalent to HTML <a href="...">...</a>.
  • Images: ![Image ALT text](Image file name). Equivalent to HTML <img src="..." alt="..."/>.

Todo list

  • "Related" section support
  • Better AutoHotkey code comment highlighter
  • CHM generation
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