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SSEQ Player


This is a homebrew player of Nintendo's SSEQ sequence format, used in commercial DS games.

How to build

  1. Optionally place a sseq file, a sbnk file and swar files in the fs folder under the names YourFile.sseq, YourFile.sbnk, YourFile.swar and YourFile2..4.swar.
  2. Compile by using make.

Running the SSEQ player

If the .nds file is run with no parameters, it attempts to play the hardcoded files inside its NitroFS. Alternatively you can pass the paths to the sseq file, the sbnk file and the swar files (in that order) through the ARGV mechanism. In order to do so, use HomebrewMenu .argv files. Note: recent devkitARM versions produce code that is choked on by no$gba. Use a different DS emulator or cough real hardware.

To do

  • Note dropping bug appears to be gone... I hope.
  • All commands referring to variables/math are still completely unsupported, because I still need to do the research.
  • The code really needs a rewrite.

Thanks to:

  • kiwids, for making the SDAT spec and for providing valuable information regarding volume mixing.