Jenkins Tutorial

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Doing an analysis once is nice. But, seeing evolution and appearance of new defects is even better!! This tutorial will focus on the integration of Jenkins-CI with its FindBugs plugin.

Prerequisite : The project you are analyzing must be structured with maven configuration files and has FindBugs configured in its root pom.xml.

1. Get Jenkins

Download Jenkins and configure a maven Job

2. Install Jenkins' FindBugs Plugin

Manage Jenkins > Manage Plugins > Available

Select "FindBugs Plug-in"

3. Extra configuration for your newly created Job

Build : Change the goals to something similar to clean install findbugs:findbugs. findbugs:findbugs needs to be after the compilation process.

Build Settings : Check "Publish FindBugs analysis results"


Jenkins Documentation : Job related configuration

Jenkins FindBugs Plugin : More information about the Jenkins plugin