R Scripts to reproduce maps and poster for EGU 2018
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EGU 2018 Poster

The poster was designed using Inkscape in svg format. The svg file links to the figures generated by the R script in main.R. A rasterised version of the poster, including embedded maps, is available in pdf format.

Reproducing the results

Clone the repository

From a terminal run:

git clone https://github.com/fineprint-global/poster_EGU_2018

Input data

The inputs for the R script are:

Our script automatically downloads the data except for the SNL mining data, which is not open. Unfortunately, we cannot provide SNL Metals & Mining Data in our repository. The data can be purchased from S&P Global Market Intelligence at https://www.spglobal.com/marketintelligence/en/campaigns/metals-mining.

From the S&P Global Market Intelligence platform, we used the following query criteria:

  • Filter only the commodities copper, nickel and iron ore worldwide

  • Select the variables:

    • Property Name
    • Property ID
    • Primary Commodity
    • Activity Status
    • Country Name
    • Latitude (degrees)
    • Longitude (degrees)
    • List of Commodities
    • Commodity Production - tonne[2005Y|(Best Of)|(Copper)]
    • Commodity Production - tonne[2005Y|(Best Of)|(Iron Ore)]
    • Commodity Production - tonne[2005Y|(Best Of)|(Nickel)]
  • Export as values to .xls and leave the file unchanged and save as EGU_poster_mining_data.xls to ./input/. We create a function snl_tidy which converts the data into tidy format.

  • Filter only the commodities gold worldwide

  • Select tha same variables as above replacing Commodity Production - tonne[2005Y|(Best Of)|(...)] with Commodity Production - oz[2005Y|(Best Of)|(Gold)]

  • Export as values to .xls and leave the file unchanged and save as EGU_poster_mining_data_gold.xls to ./input/.

Producing the maps

To reproduce the results run the script in main.R. You can visualise the resulkts in the svg file.


This work was developed by the FINEPRINT project team, funded by the European Research Council (ERC).

The repository is distributed under GPL-v3 license and can be used and redistributed under the same license.