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Terraform Starter - Snowplow Analytics

How this was built

You can follow along with me as I build this!

Terraform as Documentation

This repository is intended to be documentation of what a Snowplow (Scala Streaming) stack can look like. It attempts to explicitly state technical specifications of such a stack.

The documentation is written with Terraform

The documentation is written for Snowplow Analytics

Terraform as a Starter

This repository may double as way to quickly create a working Snowplow Analytics stack.

  1. git clone https://github.com/fingerco/snowplow-terraform-starter.git && cd snowplow-terraform-starter

  2. cp variables.tf.example variables.tf

  3. Modify variables.tf to configure everything

  4. terraform init

  5. terraform plan

  6. terraform apply

  7. terraform destroy

Note: Due to the extreme levels of customization that can happen in such a stack, I cannot promise that this setup will fit your exact needs.

I encourage you to look through this, understand it, and modify it as you need.


Feel free to fork this and submit a Pull Request, if you'd like to improve upon it!

You can also become a patron on Patreon if you'd like to free up more of my time to improve this project!