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Here is the current feature roadmap


Released as version 0.7.3

  • command-return or enter will send a message
  • relative age of posts will be displayed
  • truncation of long usernames is fixed
  • your username will no longer be tagged in a response
  • replies will be properly linked again
  • clicking you avatar will take you to the user feed and scroll to the top (@dmberry)
  • meditation number 5 fixed


Released as version 0.8.4

  • basic conversation view
  • new icons and color scheme
  • smaller ui min width for macbook air users
  • message duplication when switching between windows will be fixed


  • clicking username will go to user profile view
  • keyboard shortcuts
  • message activity indicators
  • back button to return from conversation view
  • floating text entry box to clean up the main view
  • auto-refresh preferences
  • scrolling will pause when you are scrolled down
  • going to bottom the message view will get older messages
  • pulling down the scroll view will get new messages if auto-refresh is turned off
  • hashtag search
  • unified timeline
  • mountain lion notifications. considering growl for lion users
  • user profile view will show user stats, followers/follows
  • clicking on a timestamp will toggle absolute / relative time
  • saving message drafts


  • If lists are not implemented on by the time we get here we may implement them locally
  • Some form of tab view or other means to track multiple conversation threads or other streams


  • Integrated javascript engine, either webkit or V8 driven to enable bots, or other automated functions through a script interface
  • Themes? (@elyse)


  • No features planned yet