Babel implementation in Python3.4+
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…more efficient (no need to encode TLV just to find out it's wire_size()).


This is a minimalist implementation of Babel (RFC6126).

It is written in Python 3.4(+), uses normal Python socket API, and
Linux "ip" command to interact with the rest of the system.

If you ever think to use this for production use, don't!

Intentional limitations:

- IPv6 only (legacy IP? what's that?)

- no real cost calculation

- lack of media specific handling
 - most values assume reasonable lossless connection, _but_
 - no split horizon

- no support for other drafts (yet..?)
 - RFC7298 (Babel HMAC) would be nice to support at some point?)

For real implementation and much more information about the protocol,
please see: