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$Id$ -*- text -*-
Fink mirror lists
This directory holds the mirror lists for the Fink distribution.
Currently, the mirror lists are held in the CVS repository at
SourceForge. There are three ways for them to get from CVS into your
Fink tree.
The first way is to install the new fink-mirrors package. This will bring
your list of mirrors to be current as of the release date of that package.
The second way is to download a tarball, unpack it in a temporary
directory and use the provided script. The script copies the
mirror lists into your Fink installation. Just run it, in most
cases it locates your tree on its own. If it doesn't, pass the path as
a parameter, as in
./ /sw
The third way is basically the same, but instead of downloading a
tarball, you use cvs to check out the 'fink-mirrors' module to a temporary
directory. Then you use the script as above.
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