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Package: fink
Version: @VERSION@
Revision: @REVISION@
Distribution: @DISTRIBUTION@
Depends: base-files
Recommends: <<
apt (>= 0.5.4-41)
Conflicts: gcc3.1 (= 1175-6)
Replaces: gcc3.1 (= 1175-6)
Essential: yes
Source: @SOURCE@
Source-MD5: @MD5@
NoSetPATH: true
BuildAsNobody: false
CompileScript: <<
./ %p %m
InstallScript: <<
./ %i %m
install -c -p -m 644 fink.shlibs "%d/DEBIAN/shlibs"
PostInstScript: <<
%p/lib/fink/ %m
%p/bin/fink --no-use-binary-dist index
# try to clean up left-overs from previous versions (old location)
rm -f %p/var/db/fink.db
rm -f %p/var/db/shlibs.db
rm -f %p/var/lib/fink/fink.db
PreRmScript: <<
# clean up package indexes
[ \! -d %p/var/lib/fink/finkinfodb ] || touch %p/var/lib/fink/finkinfodb/invalidate
rm -f %p/var/lib/fink/index.db
rm -f %p/var/lib/fink/index.db.lock
rm -f %p/var/lib/fink/infolist
rm -f %p/var/lib/fink/shlibs.db
rm -f %p/var/lib/fink/shlibs.db.lock
Description: Open-source software package manager
DescPackaging: <<
Don't use mirror:sourceforge so that older package manager versions
which do not know that mirror can still selfupdate.
Must put "make test" before "./ %p %m", because make test runs
the setup script itself, but pointed at the testing directory.
The second run of properly points fink at the installed
configuration file.
We are using Conflicts/Replaces against gcc3.1 so that the Fink gcc3.1
package is removed (in favor of an Apple-supplied gcc 3.1, represented
by a virtual package).
DescDetail: <<
fink is the Fink project's package manager. It is responsible for
downloading and compiling source and building binary packages from
it. Binary package handling is then delegated to dpkg.
License: GPL
Maintainer: Fink Core Group <>
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