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Package: dpkg
Version: 1.10.21
Revision: 1233
GCC: 4.0
BuildDepends: fink (>= 0.30.0)
Depends: libgettext3-shlibs, libiconv (>= 1.11-1), gzip, tar, libncurses5-shlibs (>= 5.4-20041023-1006)
BuildConflicts: (%m = powerpc) gcc45, (%m = powerpc) gcc46, (%m = powerpc) gcc47
Essential: yes
BuildAsNobody: false
Maintainer: Fink Core Group <>
Source: mirror:sourceforge:fink/dpkg_%v.tar.gz
SourceDirectory: dpkg-%v
Source-MD5: a9f6c43891db74d727beab7dfc0ee663
Source2: mirror:sourceforge:fink/gettext-0.14.5.tar.gz
Source2-MD5: e2f6581626a22a0de66dce1d81d00de3
PatchFile: %n.patch
PatchFile-MD5: 62c4558d3ae7c3107fefaa031b9cf697
PatchFile2: libgettext3-shlibs.patch
PatchFile2-MD5: 3799b4f059212628bac707e5365856b3
PatchScript: <<
cd %b/..; sed 's|@PREFIX@|%p|g' < %{PatchFile} | patch -p0
cd %b/..; sed 's|@PREFIX@|%p|g' < %{PatchFile2} | patch -p0
cd %b/../gettext-0.14.5/build-aux; perl -pi -e 's/.*chmod.*777.*$//g'
cd %b/../gettext-0.14.5; perl -pi -e 's/extern char \*stpncpy \(char \*dest, const char \*src, size_t n\)\;//g' gettext-tools/configure
cd optlib; perl -pi -e 's/(getopt|getopt1).c//g'; rm getopt*
echo "x86_64-darwin darwin-x86_64 darwin-x86_64" >> %b/archtable
SetCFLAGS: -I%p/include
CompileScript: <<
if [ $UID -ne 0 ]; then echo "dpkg cannot be built with --build-as-nobody"; exit 1; fi
%p/bin/fink -y install gettext-bin libgettext3-dev libiconv-dev libncurses5
cd %b/../gettext-0.14.5/gettext-tools; env EMACS=no ./configure --prefix="%b/../_inst%p" --infodir='${prefix}/share/info' --mandir='${prefix}/share/man' --with-included-gettext --disable-csharp --disable-rpath --disable-shared; make; rm -rf %b/../_inst; make install
PERL=/usr/bin/perl ac_cv_path_MSGFMT="%b/../_inst%p/bin/msgfmt" ac_cv_path_XGETTEXT="%b/../_inst%p/bin/xgettext" ./configure --build=%m-apple-darwin %c
ConfigureParams: --without-start-stop-daemon --without-sgml-doc --with-admindir=%p/var/lib/dpkg --mandir=%p/share/man --infodir=%p/share/info --srcdir=%b
InstallScript: <<
mkdir -p %i/share/doc/dpkg
/usr/bin/make install DESTDIR=%d
install -c -p -m 644 origin.fink %i/etc/dpkg/origins/fink
rm -rf %i/lib/dpkg/methods/*
mkdir -p -m0755 %i/lib/fink/dpkg-base-files
Description: The Debian package manager
DescDetail: <<
dpkg installs and removes binary packages; it is the base of the
distribution. This package also contains some helper programs and
dselect, a full-screen console frontend to dpkg.
DescPackaging: <<
With the current fink dependency engine, essential packages may neither
depend nor builddepend on non-essential packages. Thus, to make sure
that non-essential splitoffs of essential packages (like gettext-bin
and *-dev) are present at build time, we call 'fink install' during
the compile script. Note that since the corresponding essential packages
are dependencies of this one, they should already have been built, so
'fink install' should merely make sure they are in place.
We now build gettext-tools during the build of dpkg, but don't install it;
it is built only so that msgfmt and xgettext are available during the
dpkg build. The only alternative would be to make gettext-tools an essential
pakcages, since essential packages cannot depend or builddepend on
non-essential packages. Only build this gettext static, since don't need the
actual libs themselves.
DescPort: <<
- Removed --without-zlib flag
- Gets confused about top_srcdir without the --srcdir arg.
- Fixed bug with BR manpage
- Patched update-rc.d out of the app check code, not needed on OS X.
Pre-Jaguar: Needed fixes to use the right architecture, disable code that uses
unimplemented functions on Darwin and other stuff.
Added code to support the pseudo package 'macosx' and 'darwin'.
Fix to install-info script to prevent a certain problem with section titles.
Patched to run 'fink-virtual-pkgs' to see what packages we have outside of $prefix.
Patched to suppress warning about BuildDependsOnly control field.
Previous versions by Christoph Pfisterer.
Patched to not remove Darwin's system-critical symlinks (/etc /tmp /var)
Patched to hardcode complete paths to our component executables
instead of relying on PATH
Patch 'dpkg -b' tar invocation to avoid warning under tar>=1.16
Patch 'dpkg -b' tar invocation to not die if tar returns exit code 1.
(Exit 1 is a non-fatal error for tar; exit 2 is fatal.) patch written by vasi
Fink's make-3.81-1 breaks compiling so use Apple's to be safe.
The on-board getopt needs tweaking for darwin, but isn't needed at all
because libSystem has what dpkg needs, so just scrap it.
Remove un/misused variable in dpkg enquiry.c (solve bus error in --architecture)
Filesystem may be case-insensitive, so do case-insensitive check for
"dpkg -i" replacing files in an already-installed other package
Patched off-by-one bug in main/help.c:preexecscript argv processing
(backported from upstream dpkg-1.13.16)
Patched to use %p/lib/fink/dpkg-base-files/ wrappers for .deb scripts
(for use with the dpkg-base-files module)
NB: wrapper runs even if no .deb script.
stpncpy test may fail due to wrong prototype even if we have the
function, so remove AIX-bug-specific hack
PostInstScript: <<
for file in diversions statoverride; do
if [ ! -f %p/var/lib/dpkg/$file ]; then
touch %p/var/lib/dpkg/$file
chmod 644 %p/var/lib/dpkg/$file
License: GPL
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