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The fink project has a unique buildsystem for its various releasable CVS
modules (including fink, base-files, fix-fink, and fink-mirrors).
Within each such module there is a script "" which can be used
to install the current CVS version of the module into a working Fink
Releases, on the other hand, are made using the scripts in scripts/srcdist.
The script "" is used to create the release version.
This buildsystem depends on the following items being present for package foo:
VERSION: a file specifiying the version in the form <number>.cvs
REVISION: an optional file, specifying which revision numbers belong
to which distributions. Each line should contain a distribution
number, followed by a colon, whitespace, and a revision number. a raw version of the package description file,
with the following lines that are modified by the scripts
Version: @VERSION@
Revision: @REVISION@
Source: @SOURCE@
Source-MD5: @MD5@
(Note: the previous requirement to have NoSourceDirectory: True
in this file is no longer part of the buildsystem.) this script must be customized with the name of the package,
a list of the files which are to be included in the package tarball,
and a script listing any non-standard commands which should be executed
as the package description file is being copied to the bootstrap area
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