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* make sure the man pages are complete and up-to-date

* validator should error if a field is there more than once


* replace "fink list --help" by a general "fink --help [command]" similiar to
  how CVS does it (e.g. try "cvs -H update")

* checksums should always be checked whenever we know we are going to use a given
  source file later. E.g. if you run "fink rebuild foo", then Fink does check
  if the source files for package foo are present, and if not, downloads them.
  If present, fink should verify the checksum *immediatly*, in addition to the
  current check (just priort to decompressing the archive).

* seperate the "mirror" list into its own package (either by putting it into
  "base-files" or by creating a "mirror" CVS module & package)
  -> this allows us to quickly update the mirror list, should it be necessary

* add a mirror check utillity that given some testcases will verify that all mirrors
  do still work

* rewrite the dependency code
  -> added Conflicts / BuildConflicts support
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