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use warnings;
use strict;
# Ensure that we use the Fink installation in %p, and not anywhere else
my $LIB = "$PREFIX/lib/perl5";
require lib;
import lib $LIB;
require Fink::Scanpackages;
die "ERROR: Can't find a Fink installation in '$PREFIX'!\n"
unless $INC{'Fink/'} =~ m,^\Q$LIB,;
=head1 NAME
fink-scanpackages - Scan a directory of .debs.
fink-scanpackages [OPTIONS] DIR
fink-scanpackages --help
fink-scanpackages --man
B<fink-scanpackages> looks at all the .deb files in a directory, and creates a
Packages index suitable for use by B<apt-get>.
It is similar to B<apt-ftparchive> and B<dpkg-scanpackages>, but dispenses
with the dependencies of the first and the slowness of the second.
If called with a directory, it will be scanned and the resulting Packages
will be send to standard output. Without a directory given, all the current
Fink trees will be scanned, and the output placed in the proper locations.
=head2 Options
=over 4
=item B<-d> I<DB>, B<--db>=I<DB>
Use the path I<DB> for caching the contents of .deb files. Defaults to no cache.
=item B<-p>, B<--no-pdb>
Don't use the Fink package database for determining the Priority, Section
and License fields. This may speed up the scan, but those fields may not
be available.
=item B<-r>, B<--no-restrictive>
Don't index packages with a restrictive license.
=item B<-q>, B<--quiet>
Run silently.
=item B<-v>, B<--verbose>
Provide more verbose messages. This flag may be used multiple times.
=item B<-h>, B<--help>
Show basic help.
=item B<-m>, B<--man>
Display the man page.
=head1 BUGS
B<fink-scanpackages> is designed to work with .deb files produced by Fink.
It may not deal well with extremely old .debs containing obsolete fields.
=head1 SEE ALSO
apt-ftparchive(1), dpkg-scanpackages(8), fink(8)
use Getopt::Long;
use Pod::Usage;
my %opts = (verbosity => 1, prefix => $PREFIX);
my ($help, $man, $bad) = (0, 0, 0);
'v|verbose' => sub { $opts{verbosity}++ },
'q|quiet' => sub { $opts{verbosity} = 0 },
'p|no-pdb' => sub { $opts{pdb} = 0 },
'r|no-restrictive' => sub { $opts{restrictive} = 0 },
'd|db=s' => sub { $opts{db} = $_[1] },
'h|help' => \$help,
'm|man' => \$man,
) or $bad = "Can't parse options";
$bad = "Too many arguments" if scalar(@ARGV) > 1;
if ($man || $help) {
pod2usage(-exitval => 0, -verbose => $man ? 2 : 1);
} elsif ($bad) {
print "$bad!\n\n";
pod2usage(-exitval => 1, -verbose => 0);
my $sp = Fink::Scanpackages->new(%opts);
if (@ARGV) {
} else {
die "You must be root to scan the Fink trees!\n" unless $> == 0;
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