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From: Max Horn <max <at>>
Subject: Re: Basic style guide (was Re: fink/perlmod/Fink,1.40,1.41,1.3,1.4,1.25,1.26,1.10,1.11)
Date: Sun, 16 Nov 2003 14:05:12 +0100
[...] Here's them, roughly:
* tabs are 4 wide
* use tabs for indention of statements (so with the above, you get "4
character indention")
* in particular, do *not* use emacs 2/8 indention mode
* don't use tabs for indention/alignment *inside* statements.
* there is no particular reason to stick to a 80 column width, but if
it makes you feel better, I don't mind it either, as long as it doesn't
cause extremely unnatural code formatting
* our bracing style is:
while (foo) {
* use a whitespace after keywords: "if (foo)" and not "if(foo)"
Also, all perl code should be clean under "-w" and "strict"
standards. A typical perl script would thus begin:
# -*- mode: Perl; tab-width: 4; -*-
# vim: ts=4 sw=4 noet
use strict;
use warnings;
Please try to avoid circular use/require among the perl modules,
especially during their startup (BEGIN blocks, etc).
Fink uses nothing
Fink::Base uses nothing
Fink::CLI uses nothing
Fink::Checksum uses Fink::Config Fink::Services
Fink::Checksum::MD5 uses Fink::Checksum Fink::Config
Fink::Checksum::SHA1 uses Fink::Checksum Fink::Config
Fink::Checksum::SHA256 uses Fink::Checksum Fink::Config
Fink::Command uses nothing
Fink::Config uses Fink::Base Fink::Command Fink::Services
Fink::Configure uses Fink::Config Fink::Services Fink::CLI
Fink::Finally uses Fink::Base
Fink::FinkVersion uses nothing
Fink::Mirror Fink::Services Fink::CLI Fink::Config
Fink::NetAccess uses Fink::Services Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::Mirror Fink::Command Fink::FinkVersion
Fink::Notify uses Fink::Config Fink::Services
Fink::Notify::Growl uses Fink::Notify Fink::Config
Fink::Notify::QuickSilver uses Fink::Notify Fink::Config
Fink::Notify::Say uses Fink::Notify Fink::Config
Fink::Notify::Syslog uses Fink::Notify Fink::Config
Fink::ScanPackages uses Fink::Base Fink::CLI Fink::Command Fink::Services
Fink::SelfUpdate::Base uses Fink::CLI Fink::Config
Fink::Services uses Fink::Command Fink::CLI
Fink::Status uses Fink::Config
Fink::SysState uses Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::Services Fink::Status Fink::VirtPackage
Fink::Validation uses Fink::Services Fink::Config
Fink::VirtPackage uses Fink::Config Fink::Status
Text::DelimMatch uses nothing (imported from CPAN)
Text::ParseWords uses nothing (imported from CPAN)
There's a cycle here:
Fink::Package uses Fink::Base Fink::Services Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::Command Fink::PkgVersion Fink::FinkVersion Fink::VirtPackage
Fink::PkgVersion uses Fink::Base Fink::Services Fink:CLI Fink::Config Fink::NetAccess Fink::Mirror Fink::Package Fink::Status Fink::VirtPackage Fink::Bootstrap Fink::Command Fink::Notify Fink::Shlibs Fink::Validation Fink::Text::DelimMatch Fink::Text::ParseWords Fink::Checksum
These have not yet been checked for cycles:
Fink::Finally::BuildConflicts uses Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::PkgVersion
Fink::Finally::Buildlock uses Fink::Base Fink::Command Fink::Config Fink::CLI Fink::PkgVersion Fink::Services
Fink::Bootstrap uses Fink::Config Fink::Services Fink::CLI Fink::Package Fink::PkgVersion Fink::Engine Fink::Command Fink::Checksum
Fink::Engine Fink::Services Fink::CLI Fink::Configure Fink::Finally Fink::Finally::Buildlock Fink::Finally::BuildConflicts Fink::Package Fink::PkgVersion Fink::Config Fink::Status Fink::Command Fink::Notify Fink::Validation Fink::Checksum Fink::Scanpackages
Fink::SelfUpdate uses Fink::Services Fink::Bootstrap Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::Engine Fink::Package
Fink::SelfUpdate::CVS uses Fink::SelfUpdate::Base Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::Package Fink::Command Fink::Services
Fink::SelfUpdate::point uses Fink::SelfUpdate::Base Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::NetAccess Fink::Command Fink::Services
Fink::SelfUpdate::rsync uses Fink::SelfUpdate::Base Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::Mirror Fink::Package Fink::Command Fink::Services
Fink::Shlibs uses Fink::Base Fink::Services Fink::CLI Fink::Config Fink::PkgVersion
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