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gcc_select hasn't been seen since 10.3 (?), so let's not mention

it anymore.
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1 parent 52bed09 commit e7e96d8e389bc98f534dffe1145697ed15b45798 @akhansen akhansen committed Oct 29, 2011
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@@ -3373,13 +3373,11 @@ sub phase_unpack {
my $name = $self->get_fullname();
Fink::Services::enforce_gcc(<<GCC_MSG, $gcc_abi);
The package $name must be compiled with gcc EXPECTED_GCC,
-however, you currently have gcc INSTALLED_GCC selected. To correct
-this problem, run the command:
- sudo gcc_select GCC_SELECT_COMMAND
-You may need to install a more recent version of the Developer Tools
-(the Apple XCode suite) to be able to do so.
+however, you currently have gcc INSTALLED_GCC selected.
+This typically is due to alteration of symlinks which were
+installed by Xcode. To correct this problem, you will need
+to restore the compiler symlinks to the configuration that
+Apple provides.

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