Classes enabling finmath-lib to run its Monte-Carlo models on Cuda GPUs
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finmath lib cuda extensions

Enabling finmath lib with cuda via jcuda.

The finmath lib cuda extension provide an implementation of the finmath lib interfaces RandomVariableInterface and `BrownianMotionInterface`` compatible with finmath lib 2.4.3 or later.

Since objects of type BrownianMotionInterface are taking the role of a factory for objects of type RandomVariableInterface, injecting the BrownianMotionCuda will result in most finmath-lib models performing their calculations on the GPU - seamlessly.


Create a vector of floats on the device

RandomVariableInterface randomVariable = new RandomVariableCuda(new float[] {-4.0f, -2.0f, 0.0f, 2.0f, 4.0f} );

perform some calculations (still on the gpu device)

randomVariable = randomVariable.add(4.0);
randomVariable = randomVariable.div(2.0);

perform a reduction on the device

double average = randomVariable.getAverage();

or get the result vector

double[] result = randomVariable.getRealizations();

(note: the result is always double, since different implementation may support float or double on the device).


Of course, you should have NVidia Cuda installed.

In addition, the finmath-lib-cuda-extensions requires jcuda. To install jcuda you should try the "mavenized" version of jcuda. To obtain and build the mavenized version of jcuda:

git clone
cd mavenized-jcuda
mvn clean package
cd ..

To obtain and build the finmath-lib-cuda-extensions then do

git clone
cd finmath-lib-cuda-extensions
mvn clean package

If everything goes well, you will see unit test run. Note that some of the tests mail fail if the device (GPU) has not enough memory.



The code of "finmath lib", "finmath experiments" and "finmath lib cuda extensions" (packages net.finmath.*) are distributed under the Apache License version 2.0, unless otherwise explicitly stated.