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Retriable consumer pool for kafka
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Retriable Kafka Consumer

retriable-kafka-consumer is a library for retriable event-processing using kafka. If processing of a kafka-record throws an unhandled exception, the record is re-sent to a retry-topic. The record will then be retried until it is successfully processed without exceptions or the retryPeriod is exceeded.



From maven central:



  • In your kafka-config, turn of auto-commit.

  • You need to implement a KafkaClientFactory:

      public interface KafkaClientFactory<K, V> {
          Consumer<K, V> consumer();
          Producer<K, V> producer();
          String groupId();

Minimal example

pool = new ReliablePoolBuilder<>(eventClientFactory)
                .processingFunction(record -> process(record, adStore, insightEnqueuer))

All options included

// build a consumer-pool 
ReliableKafkaConsumerPool<String,String> pool = new ReliablePoolBuilder<>(eventClientFactory)
            .topics(List.of(TOPIC, TOPIC2)) // list of topics to subscribe to
            .poolCount(5) // optional: number of threads consuming from kafka 
            .afterProcess(consumer -> commit(consumer)) // optional: after a poll, do something with consumer
            .processingFunction(record -> process(record)) // required : a function that processes records
            .retryPeriodMillis(24 * 60 * 60 * 1000) // optional: how long a message should be retried before given up on
            .retryThrottleMillis(5_000) // optional: specify how fast a message should be retried
pool.monitor.start(); // start the pool

// optional: check if all consumer-threads are alive, recommended to check these every minute or so

Detailed description

This library is inspired by an article written by Über Engineering, but takes a slightly different approach. Instead of using n retry-topics and a dead-letter-queue, we use 1 retry queue and timestamps/counters in the record header to check if a record is expired.

The retry-topic will be named "retry--", and the pool will consume messages from this topic in the same way as the original topic. Consumer-threads are made restartable, meaning if any of the threads die for some reason they can be restarted by the monitor.

Reprocessing is controlled by headers on the kafka-record to keep track of how many times a record has been processed and a timestamp for the initial retry-attempt.


Metric counters are exposed via prometheus.

  • expired_events, number of events that has been reprocessed until retryPeriod is exceeded.
  • failed_events, number of events that has failed and will be reprocessed
  • processed_successfully_events, number or successful events processed

These are all in the namespace of the application, the system-property or system-environment variable "ARTIFACT_NAME". If "ARTIFACT_NAME" is not specified, the value "unknown app" will be used instead.



  1. Update pom version to final version

  2. Upload to nexus

    $ mvn clean deploy -Psign
    $ mvn nexus-staging:release

  3. Tag current revision with "v"

  4. Push tags

  5. Increment current version to -SNAPSHOT

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