java-statsd-client built with LMAX disruptor for maximum performance
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A statsd client library implemented in Java. Allows for Java applications to easily communicate with statsd. Built with LMAX disruptor for performance.

NOTE: In some instances, this implementation can lose events silently.

This version is forked from the upstream java-dogstatsd-client project.

This version ensures compatibility with vanilla statsd.


You need to build the project off the release tag and upload it to your own maven repository.


Making a release for FINN

The project is configured to enable deploying a version to the FINN internal repos when doing a release, to make life a little easier. To use this, perpare and perform the release using the finn-internal profile.

$ mvn release:prepare -Pfinn-internal
$ mvn release:perform -Pfinn-internal


import com.timgroup.statsd.StatsDClient;
import com.timgroup.statsd.NonBlockingStatsDClient;

public class Foo {

  private static final StatsDClient statsd = new NonBlockingStatsDClient(
    "my.prefix",                          /* prefix to any stats; may be null or empty string */
    "statsd-host",                        /* common case: localhost */
    8125,                                 /* port */
    new String[] {"tag:value"}            /* DataDog extension: Constant tags, always applied */

  public static void main(String[] args) {
    statsd.recordExecutionTime("bag", 25);
    statsd.recordGaugeValue("bar", 100);

    statsd.recordGaugeValue("baz", 0.01); /* DataDog extension: support for floating-point gauges */
    statsd.recordHistogram("qux", 15);     /* DataDog extension: histograms */
    statsd.recordHistogram("qux", 15.5);   /* ...also floating-point */