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Activity Analysis Toolbox 2.1 Release 2018-08-06 by Finn Upham

This matlab toolbox is intended for the analysis of collections of synchronously sampled time series, ideally collections of 12 series or more.

It was been developed for the analysing continuous behavioural and physiological measures of experience during music listening by Finn Upham during MA studies at McGill University under Stephen McAdams and PhD studies at New York University under Morwaread Mary Farbood.

In this version, some functions have been expanded to include more options and potential outputs. Specifically activityCount.m, localActivityTest.m, with some internal modifications of multiActPlotter.m and simpleActivityTest.m. Their help files and the demos explain the new capacities.

The data used with the toolbox demos are from two different experiments.

Korhonen.mat is from an experiment on continuous ratings of emotional Arousal and Valence to a set of classical music stimuli, collected by Mark Korhonen in 2004. For more details see: Korhonen, M. D. (2004). Modelling continuous emotional appraisals of music using system identification. (Unpublished Master's thesis). University of Waterloo.

stim4.mat is from the Solo Response Project by Finn Upham, a set of continuous ratings of felt emotional response and concurrently collected psychophysiological sensor measurements from a single subject to 24 hearings of a single stimulus, The Littlest Birds by the Be Good Tanyas, over the course of a month in 2012.


Updated to be more suitable for Psychophysiological event alignment assessment




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