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An app created for #JugendHackt in Berlin 7.-8. Sep 2013. NOTE: This project uses iOS SDK 7 and XCode 5. You need to have a registered Apple Developer account to contribute.

Project description

Germany's recent history is tainted by the events surrounding the fate of the Jewish people during the reign of the "Third Reich”. The Nazis were responsible for the murdering of millions in Germany and the rest of Europe rounding up victims for their religious beliefs, ethnic origins, political leanings or sexual orientation. In Berlin alone tens of thousands were deported to death camps.

In memory of these victims more than 5,000 "Stolpersteine” (tripping stones) have been set in the pavements in front of their former residences. The initiator of this Stolperstein campaign is the German artist Gunter Demnig. The copper Stolpersteine give details of the victims name, biography and when and where he or she met his/her fateful death.

Information concerning the location of the stones is deposited as Open Data. We used this information to create an iPhone Application to pinpoint locations on a city map. Our work is still in progress. The aim of our computing is to simplify the locating of the stones and to enable users to find details of each individual victim by linking up with Wikipedia or other digital databases. Our intention is to support the founders of the Stolpersteine Initiative to commemorate the innocent victims of the holocaust with the introduction of our app.

We, the app developers, are 16 and 17 year olds from various parts of Germany. We met at the September 2013 programmer convention under the auspices of "Young Rewired State”.


An app to collect 'Stolpersteine' in Berlin created for Jugendhackt 7.-8. Sep 2013




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