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<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "ISO-8859-1"?>
<!--This file is auto-generated by class EL_PYXIS_PARSER (>
<system xmlns = "" xmlns:xsi = "" xsi:schemaLocation = "" name = "EL_eiffel2java" uuid = "229b783a-09aa-11df-87c6-93dce164c2d4" library_target = "EL_eiffel2java">
A high-level framework for wrapping Java classes that adds a useful layer of abstraction to Eiffel Software&apos;s
interface to the JNI ([ Java Native Interface]) called
[ eiffel2java].
* Better Java environment discovery for initialization.
* Automates composition of JNI call signature strings.
* Automates cleanup of Java objects.
The framework is based on the concept of a Java agent that is similar to an Eiffel agent. You will find classes:
[$source JAVA_FUNCTION] and
[$source JAVA_PROCEDURE] that inherit
[$source JAVA_ROUTINE].
These agent classes automatically generate correct JNI call signatures. The library allows the creation
of recursively wrapped classes where the arguments and return types to wrapped routines are themselves
wrapped classes.
See [./example/eiffel2java/eiffel2java.html example/eiffel2java/eiffel2java.ecf] for an example of it&apos;s use.
<target name = "EL_eiffel2java">
<root all_classes = "true"/>
<option namespace = "Eiffel-Loop.Library.Language_interface.Eiffel2Java" syntax = "standard" full_class_checking = "false" void_safety = "none" trace = "false" debug = "true" warning = "true">
<assertions precondition = "true" postcondition = "true" check = "true" invariant = "true"/>
<library name = "base" location = "$ISE_LIBRARY/library/base/base.ecf"/>
<library name = "api_wrapper" location = "$ISE_LIBRARY/library/api_wrapper/api_wrapper.ecf"/>
<library name = "eiffel2java" location = "override/ES-eiffel2java.ecf">
<renaming old_name = "JNI_ENVIRONMENT" new_name = "JAVA_ORB"/>
<renaming old_name = "SHARED_JNI_ENVIRONMENT" new_name = "JAVA_SHARED_ORB"/>
<!--Eiffel Loop-->
<library name = "EL_base" location = "base/base.ecf"/>
<library name = "EL_os_command" location = "os-command.ecf"/>
<library name = "EL_wel_regedit" location = "wel-regedit-x.ecf">
<platform value = "windows"/>
<!--Source code-->
<cluster name = "EL_java" location = "language_interface/Java" recursive = "true">
<platform value = "unix"/>
<platform value = "windows"/>