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<?xml version = "1.0" encoding = "ISO-8859-1"?>
<!--This file is auto-generated by class EL_PYXIS_PARSER (>
<system xmlns = "" xmlns:xsi = "" xsi:schemaLocation = "" name = "EL_vtd_xml" uuid = "229b77d6-09aa-11df-87c5-b77da3e246d9" library_target = "EL_vtd_xml">
XML Document Scanning and Object Building (VTD-XML)
Classes for scanning XML documents and building Eiffel objects from XML contexts
defined by relative Xpaths. Based on the [ VTD-XML parser].
This is a full implemenation of Xpath 1.0.
VTD-XML uses a very fast and efficient method of building a compressed representation of
an XML object using [ virtual token descriptors].
Using the Eiffel API is considerably easier and more intuitive to use than the original
Java or C version of VTD-XML.
A substantial C-bridge was developed to make Eiffel work better with VTD-XML.
The original VTX-XML code was forked to make it possible to compile it with the MSC compiler.
This fork is found under `contrib/C&apos;.
<target name = "EL_vtd_xml">
<root all_classes = "true"/>
<option namespace = "Eiffel-Loop.Library.VTD-XML" syntax = "standard" full_class_checking = "false" void_safety = "none" trace = "false" debug = "false" warning = "true">
<assertions precondition = "true" postcondition = "true" check = "true" invariant = "true"/>
<external_include location = "$(EIFFEL_LOOP_C)/include">
<description>C implementation of EL_C_CALLABLE_PROCEDURE</description>
<external_include location = "$(EIFFEL_LOOP_C)/vtd2eiffel/source"/>
<external_object location = "-L$(EIFFEL_LOOP_C)/vtd2eiffel/spec/$(ISE_PLATFORM) -lvtd-xml">
<platform value = "unix"/>
<external_object location = "$(EIFFEL_LOOP_C)/vtd2eiffel/spec/$(ISE_PLATFORM)/vtd-xml.lib">
<platform value = "windows"/>
<library name = "base" location = "$ISE_LIBRARY/library/base/base.ecf"/>
<library name = "time" location = "$ISE_LIBRARY/library/time/time.ecf"/>
<library name = "EL_base" location = "base/base.ecf"/>
<library name = "EL_c_api" location = "C-language-interface.ecf"/>
<library name = "EL_evolicity" location = "evolicity.ecf"/>
<library name = "EL_text_formats" location = "text-formats.ecf"/>
<library name = "EL_text_process" location = "text-process.ecf"/>
<!--Source code-->
<cluster name = "EL_vtd_xml" location = "persistency/xml/vtd-xml" recursive = "true">
<platform value = "unix"/>
<platform value = "windows"/>