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Most commonly used services


Swagger-documentation (production)

Swagger-documentation (test)

Status (tuotanto)

Status (testi)


Swagger-dokumentaatio (production)

Swagger-dokumentaatio (test)


28.04.2017 Old Digitraffic SOAP-apis will come to the end of life on 31.8.2017. After that SOAP-APIs wont respond to any requests. New REST/JSON-APIs have up to date Swagger-documentation online.

7.10.2015 Digitraffic -interfaces will be updated 8th October. This will cause a short service break for road weather station data and LAM station data. Estimated service break will be at Thursday 8th October between 8am - 3pm.
-Digitraffic/ customer support-

18.9.2015: The new API is now available for testing. Due to technical reasons we had to change the API addresses, s/services/sujuvuus/ws/

1.9.2015: The old Open and Pro Digitraffic services will continue to operate until 30.9.2015.

28.7.2015: The API url's listed in this wiki are not operative yet.

6.8.2015: Renewal of the Digitraffic service, [read more](Renewal of the road Digitraffic service during autumn 2015)

Digitraffic is a service operated by the Finnish Transport Agency offering real time traffic information. Currently the service covers road and rail traffic. In the future the service will expand to maritime information.

For rail traffic data, see http://rata.digitraffic.fi.

Digitraffic is an open data service. All content from the service and the service documentation is licenced under the Creative Commons 4.0 BY license.

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