A Grails 2.X plugin which runs your javascript files test/unit/*Test.js in the test phase. See https://github.com/finnjohnsen/jstest-sampleapp for sample project.
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A grails plugin which runs JavaScript tests placed in your test/unit/js.

The plugin is bundled with QUnit, but you're free to use whatever JavaScript testing framework you want. (look at the FAQ for more info).


  • install the plugin
  • install a sample JavaScript test, 'grails install-qunit'
  • run 'grails test-app'
  • run a single test with 'grails test-app :javascript simpleTest'

Example test/unit/js/basicTest.js

module("My Test module");
test("successful test", function() {
     ok(true, "Life's good" );
     equal(100, 100, "One hundred is one hundred or I'll be damned");


The test doesn't find my JavaScript tests.

The files must end with *Test.js or *Tests.js and live in test/unit/js of your project.

I want to run a test method instead of a whole JavaScript test file

Sorry, not possible.

The reason is that this would force this plugin to understand the content of the JavaScript file, and parse QUnit -specifics and pass it to jUnit. We're not going there. Not yet at least.

I don't wanna use QUnit. What do I do?

You need to make your test framework throw an exception in JavaScript when you intend a test to fail.

Have a look at qunit-boilerplate.js If you wanna see why QUnit works quite well. QUnit allows us to attach callbacks when tests have run, you need similar stuff in your framework.

I want some DOM tests.

Have a look at the DOM test in the jstest-sampleapp on github. Basically you need envjs.

Note that envjs slows the tests down significantly.

This doesn't work well with my IDE

We've tested intelliJ IDEA and Springsource Tool Suite at the time of writing. But honestly, the way grails and the IDE's interact via JUnit is black magic.


The plugin uses the Rhino JavaScript engine.

Contributors and thanks

  • Ronny Løvtangen
  • Fredrik Aubert
  • Peter Ledbrook @ Gr8conf 2012