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Graylog2 Cookbook

This repository contains the graylog2 cookbook, as well as example roles and files for testing the cookbook.

Librarian config

To use this cookbook with librarian-chef, refer to the sample Cheffile in the examples directory.

Testing with Vagrant

This will setup a VM with a working Graylog2 installation.

  1. Install vagrant
gem install vagrant
  1. Install VirtualBox

  2. Launch & provision VM

cd examples
vagrant up    

Enjoy your running Graylog2 instance (load in a browser to
access Graylog2). Also, check out 'vagrant ssh' to log in to VM and 'vagrant provision' to kick of the chef run again). If you want to edit any of the Chef attributes for Graylog2 configuration, do so in the Vagrantfile.


Please contribute updates, additions or documentation changes. If you don't hear back briefly, feel free to pester continuously.

Repo contributors

  • jbz
  • nstielau
  • portertech
  • agoddard
  • spazm